Mr. Pudding speaks French.
At least, he thinks he does.
Have you ever heard of Franglais?
It’s French and English all mixed up.
Mr. Pudding speaks Franglais.
Mrs. Figgy, Mr. Pudding’s landlady, really does speak French.
But try telling Mr. Pudding that!
He thinks he knows it all!

Then, one day, a letter arrives from solicitors Eggnog and Spice.
Mr. Pudding’s come in to a fortune, but in order to claim it he must solve a mystery.
A mystery written in – yes, you’ve guessed it – French!

Follow Mr. Pudding and Mrs. Figgy through the foggy streets of Victorian London, and help solve the mystery of The French Inheritance!

An interactive show for schools from Jolly Good Show, introducing young children to English through theatre.